We are completely independent of any vendor and vendor-specific solutions. Our assessments and advice are free of any third-party interest. We aim to find the optimal solutions for our customers which we can guarantee through our strong focus on open-source software.

Transparency and Honesty

We communicate openly and honestly. We constructively share information, insights, and advice with our customers to build and foster a productive partnership. As a small and experienced team we are aware of our capabilities as well as limitations and communicate these openly with our customers.


Individual problems require individual solutions. At GaZAR we do not trust in superficial universal, all-purpose solutions that purport to solve a plethora of problems. We are completely specialized in software engineering with C and C++ as well as program analysis of C/C++ software and are experts in these fields. Thanks to the close collaborations with our customers we are able to design, engineer, and implement customized solutions that fulfill the requested requirements.


The “Made in Germany” seal of quality also stands for confidentiality and discretion w.r.t our customer data. As the principal office of our company is in Bielefeld, Germany, we underlie the general data protection regulation (GDPR)—the worlds most rigorous data protection regulation. This applies to the complete collaboration with our customers and also includes non-binding inquiries.