The effective and successful development of C and C++ software projects requires a great deal of expertise in a multitude of different fields of software engineering. 

We support our customers throughout the complete development cycle from the planning and design through to the deployment. We also give advice and suggestions for improvement on existing, deployed software and/or individual software components. This ensures that all the desired requirements of a software can be met and mistakes can be avoided. 

We also offer to analyze and optimize our customers’ existing development processes. We integrate state-of-the-art compiler-based tools, e.g. LLVM/Clang or PhASAR, and high-quality libraries, e.g. Abseil or Boost, into our customer’s development processes and customize these technologies to meet their needs. This enables our customers to effectively and securely develop software independent of the concrete software project. By using high-quality, open-source technology our customers do not need to worry about additional license fees.

We are at your service with advice, guidance and plenty of experience at any time.