PhASAR Support

As creator and chief maintainer(s) of the PhASAR static analysis framework ( / for C and C++ we can provide our customers the best possible support for the development of PhASAR-based program analyses.

We provide support for configuring and applying PhASAR to allow for effectively analyzing our customer’s projects. Additionally, we offer trainings on how to use PhASAR effectively and how to develop PhASAR-based analyses in-house.

Of course we also design and implement customized analyses. It is sufficient if our customers reach out to us with their requirements. In close collaboration, we will then determine if and how static analysis can be applied to meet our customer’s requirements. Once the design has been settled on we will implement the analysis for our customers.

You are short on computing resources or do not wish to execute the analyses yourself? We also offer PhASAR as a platform, probably the most flexible solution. After an initial configuration and/or the development of one or more custom analysis we allow for executing the desired analyses in the cloud. You do not require any infrastructure, let us execute the analyses for you. Due to the virtually unlimited computing resources that can allocated in the cloud, you will be able to receive the analysis reports within a very short time. The reports can also be queried dynamically, for instance, using the language server protocol (LSP) you can retrieve to results into the IDE’s of your developers.